Water flossers are one of the best and most effective tools for cleaning and keeping your teeth and gums healthy. While traditional flossing is still important, a water flosser allows you to clean those hard-to-reach places in your mouth even deeper and more thoroughly. Wewill tell you exactly what a water flosser is and why you won't want to do without one from now on!

What is a water flosser?

A water flosser - also known as an oral shower or oral irrigator - is an electric device that you use to floss between your teeth with water. The device uses pressurised streams of water to remove plaque and food particles between your teeth and below the gum line.

Unlike traditional floss, where you have to manually move the string between each tooth, a water flosser does all the work for you with just the push of a button. All you have to do is make sure the water reservoir is filled and the electric water flosser is properly charged.

When do I use a water flosser?

A water flosser isn't just nice because it tastefully does all the work for you. There are also specific reasons why a water flosser may be much more suitable for you than floss.

Why a water flosser should not be missing from your daily routine: 5 reasons

If you have braces or splints

Water flossers are particularly useful for people who have or had braces and now still have a splint behind their teeth.

Teeth and gums under braces or in front of a splint are often difficult to reach with normal floss. But floss can also be inhibited by your braces or your thread may even get tangled between your braces. And toothbrushes are not always popular or easy to use either, so flossing can be challenging or just skipped. A water flosser makes the whole process easier, more effective and comfortable.

Why a water flosser should not be missing from your daily routine: 5 reasons

If you have bleeding gums

Bleeding gums is a common condition where the gums bleed when touched. It can be very painful and uncomfortable and there are several possible causes that can lead to bleeding gums.

The most common reasons include hard brushing or flossing, dental problems such as periodontitis (a severe form of plaque). Fortunately, with a water flosser, you don't eject like floss can.

Also, most models have both a soft setting for sensitive gums and a massage setting. This allows you to floss without fear of bleeding while massaging and improving the health of your gums.

Why a water flosser should not be missing from your daily routine: 5 reasons

If food often gets stuck between your teeth

A water flosser is also an effective way to remove food particles stuck between your teeth. This is because pressurised water has much more power than floss, which can remove food particles and plaque from hard-to-reach places.

Water flossers help remove food particles left behind after brushing, such as nuts, breadcrumbs, bits of vegetables and other small pieces of food.

Conclusion: 5 reasons why you should start using a water flosser instead of floss from now on

  1. It does all the work for you
  2. Water streams are more powerful than floss
  3. You can get to hard-to-reach places more easily (especially with braces or splints)
  4. You don't get bleeding gums like floss often does
  5. Your gums are massaged and therefore healthier
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