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If you use a power toothbrush, it is a good idea to replace the brush head regularly. This is to ensure optimal hygiene for your mouth. And did you know that there are special disinfectant toothbrush holders? OptiSmile has them for you?

How often should you change your brush head?

Dentists recommend changing your electric toothbrush head every three to four months. That's because the brush head of your toothbrush is a popular place for bacteria to gather. It's logical: after all, you use it to clean your teeth. Surely you throw away a yellow cloth or cleaning sponge after a few uses? The same hygienic principle applies to your brush head. A clean brush head means a fresh brush in your mouth again.

The best choice for a brush head

OptiSmile has the best choice of new brush heads for you. We offer brush heads with different coloured rings around the shaft. It's easy and money-saving: you only need to buy one or two electric toothbrushes and you can easily switch brush heads between family members. 

How to Clean Your Brush Head?

The nice thing about a power toothbrush is that the brush head is removable. This allows you to brush away toothpaste residue and other debris between the edges, as well as thoroughly clean the brush head. It is also recommended that you always store your electric toothbrush upright and let it air dry. 

UV-Disinfecting Toothbrush Holder

You can do even better with this UV-decontaminating toothbrush holder with dispenser! UV-C light is known to have a disinfecting effect. It is even used in hospitals! By hanging your toothbrush in this disinfecting holder, the ultraviolet light does its job and you brush even cleaner than usual.

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