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Brilliantly white teeth remain the ideal for many. A shining smile, snow-white teeth: as much as some people would like to have them, it is difficult to achieve with 'just' brushing. After all, teeth are exposed to all kinds of influences that affect the enamel. Teeth whitening offers a solution.

What causes teeth to become yellower?

Tooth discolouration can have many causes. The most common culprits are coffee and red wine. When these substances come into contact with the teeth, it has an effect on the tooth enamel. The deposits, which can also be caused by tea, other drinks or smoking, for example, can penetrate the enamel and make it thinner. Thinner enamel means that the colour of the dentine becomes more visible. Dentin is not naturally white, so teeth become visually discoloured.

What can you do to prevent yellow teeth?

Well, it's an obvious first step: keep brushing. If you brush properly at least twice a day, you are doing everything you can to prevent staining. But even the best brushers cannot avoid some discolouration of their teeth. That's how it works, nobody has a Hollywood smile by nature! You can also take additional measures by avoiding coffee and red wine, not smoking and eating healthily.

How can you whiten your teeth yourself?

Fortunately, there are plenty of other options for getting your teeth really whiter, off the beaten track. You can choose to whiten your teeth yourself. OptiSmile understands this need. Maybe you feel more confident with teeth that are a shade whiter. Or maybe you just love coffee and wine so much, that you don't think it's worth giving up these drinks more often! Luckily, OptiSmile has several teeth whitening kits that make it easy to get your teeth whiter.


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