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Water Flosser Nozzles - Set of 4 - 1

Water Flosser Nozzles - Set of 4

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Get the most out of your electric flosser with these professional attachments. This set contains 4 different attachments for your water flosser, each with their own function. With these attachments you will not only clean your mouth, but also your tongue, get rid of bacteria under the gumline and work thoroughly around bridges, crowns and braces! Read more
  • Set of 4 attachments
  • Suitable for OptiSmile Water Flossers
  • Contains standard, orthodontic and periodontal attachment and tongue cleaner
  • Clean between the teeth thoroughly and make the mouth bacteria-free

Product description: Water Flosser Nozzles - Set of 4

Set of 4 different attachments to thoroughly clean the teeth, tongue and rest of the mouth with your electric water flosser.

OptiSmile Electric Flosser

Our electric flosser is an efficient tool to clean your mouth naturally. The powerful pulsating jet of water removes plaque and tartar, lifts debris from between teeth and eliminates bacteria build-up.

4 attachments

With this set of four extra attachments for the electric water flosser, you can go that extra mile.

1. Standard attachment

The standard attachment cleanses the mouth effectively and quickly. The unit sprays powerful pulsating jets of water into the mouth, which the standard attachment delivers in thin jets from between the teeth. Good for your teeth, good for your gums and good for your oral health.

2. Periodontal nozzle

To really get under the gum line, you need this periodontal attachment. Many bacteria accumulate in the deeper layers of the gums. This attachment, with its rubber tip, is designed to clean in those areas as well.

3. Orthodontic attachment

Special brush head for braces, crowns and bridges. This attachment has a brush head that allows you to do a thorough job. It is ideal for larger surfaces.

4. Tongue cleaner

A tongue cleaner in combination with the powerful water jet of the water flosser means a lovely fresh breath! You put this tongue cleaner on your tongue, turn on the water jet and slowly scrape the whole tongue. This way you remove bacteria and your mouth gets nice and clean.

In the package

1 x Standard attachment
1 x Periodontal attachment
1 x Orthodontic attachment
1 x Tongue cleaner
1 x Manual

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Water Flosser Nozzles - Set of 4

Recommended price 11,96
Recommended price 11,96
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