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Everything you use for personal care should be replaced once in a while. That goes for toothbrushes and power toothbrush heads. But did you know that replacement mouthpieces are also available for electric water flossers? It's just as important to replace them periodically.

Why is flossing so important?

According to the Dutch Association of Oral Hygienists, only 40% of teeth are cleaned by brushing. While brushing removes surface dirt and freshens breath, it is not enough. Flossing gets you to where your toothbrush won't go and ensures 100% oral health. The less bacteria in your mouth, the less chance there is of inflamed gums, cavities, plaque and other dental problems.

How often should I change the water flosser nozzle?

It depends on how often you use the electric flosser. It is recommended by dentists to change the mouthpiece at least once every six months. This is important for hygiene reasons, but also for the quality of the water jets that are sprayed into the mouth by the flosser.

But different mouthpieces are also useful for...

Families who all use the same water flosser! It's a shame to buy four electric flossers for a family of four. The OptiSmile mouthpiece is easy to detach and changing the mouthpiece is done in seconds. The OptiSmile nozzles are available with different coloured details so you can always tell which nozzle belongs to whom.   

What mouthpieces are available?

At OptiSmile we have different mouthpieces for the electric water flosser. We have the mouthpiece in white, blue and green. All of these nozzles are suitable for the OptiSmile cordless electric water flosser.

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