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It may not be the nicest bathroom chore, but it is one of the most important: flossing. You've probably heard your dentist telling you for years: floss floss floss! Because we at OptiSmile understand that it can be difficult to fit this routine into your bathroom routine, we'll give you a hand with the best products.

Why is brushing and flossing so important?

Toothbrushes, no matter how good quality they are, can't reach all the nooks and crannies of your teeth. After all, teeth are close together and it is difficult to get all the bacteria and food particles between them with just a brush. Therefore, brushing and flossing are essential. Toothpicks, floss, interdental brushes and water flossers are designed to fit between the narrowest crevices. This allows you to remove debris where you otherwise would not be able to reach.

What happens if you don't brush or floss regularly?

If you stick to just brushing, it is highly likely that bacteria will stay in your mouth. These are bacteria that you would otherwise have removed by firing and flossing. For a short while it is not so bad. But when bacteria are given the chance to settle for a long time, inflammation can set in. Gum disease is a common occurrence for many people for a reason. Sensitive gums, red gums, sores and inflammation can result if you do not brush and floss. In addition, tartar and plaque form faster.

What are the best ways to brush and floss?

There are many ways to brush and floss to clean the spaces between your teeth. For those whose teeth are very close together, floss is probably the easiest way. The thread is so thin that it can get between the narrowest gaps. For larger gaps, you can use dental floss or wooden or plastic chopsticks. OptiSmile has everything and something for everyone. There is a large range of interchangeable brushes and the innovative electric water flosser. This is the most recently discovered way of flossing, with powerful jets of water being sprayed between the teeth.

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