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At OptiSmile, we are constantly developing. We scour the market for the best products, keep up with the latest developments and think about the most sustainable materials and raw materials. That is why we consider our OptiSmile Natural brand so important. Why? We'll tell you why below.

Environmentally friendly materials for oral care

When it comes to taking care of your mouth and cleaning your teeth, you don't have to follow the beaten path any more. There are many natural alternatives on the market that you can use in the bathroom. And that is important: the climate deserves our attention and producing personal care products in a sustainable way contributes to this. At OptiSmile, we are well aware of this. Sustainability is very important to us. That's why we have launched a range of beautiful natural oral care products.

Why choose natural oral care?

Everyone is free to choose the products that suit them. There are several reasons for choosing natural oral care. First of all, we can imagine that you like knowing that you are using only natural raw materials to care for your mouth. You can be 100% sure that you are using natural materials that will do absolutely no harm to your body. Second, by choosing natural oral care, you are doing your bit for the environment. Our natural products use eco-friendly materials that are known for their cleansing or bleaching properties.

The OptiSmile Natural products

OptiSmile offers safe and effective products within natural oral care. A popular ingredient is black charcoal. This is a 100% natural material whose bleaching effect was discovered decades ago. It is ideal! We use it in our whitening powders. You can also make the sustainable choice for the OptiSmile Natural Bamboo Toothbrush. A great toothbrush, which cleans with excellent quality and is 100% sustainable!

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