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Optismile Natural focuses on biological tooth cleaning. Eco-friendly materials are used in our products and are 100% natural. The range is known for materials such as bamboo and charcoal. Read more

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A healthy mouth is important for overall health. It is not for nothing that many people want to take a good approach to oral hygiene. You want to have access to the best products and be sure that you are not 'putting anything in your mouth' that is not good for you. We understand this at OptiSmile and are happy to help.

Natural oral care with sustainable materials

In many areas, there is an increasing focus on the climate, environmental awareness and sustainable living. This is reflected in our consumption patterns, in the range of products on offer in the supermarket, in the reduction of plastic consumption and the conscious buying of new clothing, for example. Everything to reduce our ecological footprint. But those who think of environmental awareness only in terms of reducing meat consumption are already lagging behind. There is also a lot of development in the area of care products. Completely vegan beauty creams are being launched, animal testing is out of the question for many brands and packaging is often completely natural.

Natural materials for your oral care

There are plenty of organic options for your oral care too, which allow you to stand in the bathroom without a care in the world. Think of natural toothpastes without additives, organic floss and all kinds of bathroom products based on bamboo. The market is developing rapidly and one innovation follows another. Do you want to be conscious of your own health, but also do something for the planet? Then natural oral care is the way to go.

What natural oral care products are available?

At OptiSmile, we think about the planet too. That's why we offer a range of beautiful products that allow you to pursue natural oral care. For example, we have a beautiful Bamboo Toothbrush! Did you know that bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly materials on earth? So with this toothbrush you are on the safe side. You can also choose our Organic Teeth Whitening Powder. This powder is made from black charcoal. This material is completely natural, but at the same time known for its whitening effect. Win-win!

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